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How to be a better Programmer

Programming Mohd Fayeem

How to be a better Programmer
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Hello Programmers!

As a programmer, it is difficult to be the best of what knowledge you have or learning. whether it is the web, application, software, game, ML, AI, or anything else. It just gets hard and hard.

I'm a programmer and I faced the same problem during my start-up. Later I came to know some key points which are quite helpful to me and I'm glad to share them with all of you. They are nothing but simple habits in my daily routine but are sometimes hard to implement. Besides, it's quite unnatural to follow someone's habits instead try to make your own.

Let's get started with it

1: Learn The Fundamentals

Learning fundamentals is an important thing. Having knowledge of fundamentals drastically boosts your learning process and interest in learning. If you really understand the fundamentals, then you can learn anything you want. There must be a situation, where you want to decide which language or framework to learn. For example, if you have knowledge of CSS and its fundamentals, then you can learn any CSS framework like Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Materialize CSS, and so on with ease.

Let's talk about another example, if you understand the basic fundamentals of programming like variables, conditions, loops, files, errors, HTTP, request & response, status code, and how they are working, then you can learn any backend stack because they share the properties and functionality at the root level. The difference is only the syntax and you can master it within a few days with documentation.

2: Practice Daily

You have heard about this "code-daily", but what I've learned from my experience is that it is really hard to keep code daily and "Knowing Your Limits" is the real thing. It's good if you can manage to code daily but also know your limits otherwise it will affect your performance and passion for it.

There are new technologies, frameworks, and versions, released every day and you want to learn as much as you can, stay updated, but don't exhaust yourself. Have a break, and skip coding, it will refresh your mind and you can better concentrate on it. We have a lot to learn and work not only just coding.

3: Learn Consistently

As a programmer, you must enjoy the learning process. It's not like you can learn from college, youtube, or on your own and all prepared technologies change very quickly and are always updated. There's a new framework, and versions coming out each day. What I've to say is that you can not learn everything in fact it is impossible but you have to learn new things in your entire career. It's not about learning a new language but a new way of doing your own work.

4: Leave Comfort Zone

Every programmer must go through it. We enjoy what we are doing and stop learning anything new. Whether you are a freelancer or developer at a company and your task is not difficult or challenging then I suggest starting a new project of your own.

For example, if you are a freelancer and you want to improve, then enhance your skills, and try to learn a new way of doing what you are doing. We are developers, and as a developer, we have lots of unfinished projects. Try to complete them with new technologies, and implement new structuring and style of writing code.

5: Engage Yourself

When it comes to learning something, what we think of books, courses, youtube videos, documentation, etc, but people and friends are also very helpful. If you get stuck somewhere, don't hesitate to ask someone or share it on social media and they solve your problems. Showcase your work with others and they tell you how are you doing and how to improve it.

6: Clean Code

Try to write clean code not only structurally but also functionally. For instance, during our starting time every developer, even I, do not care about naming conventions and give names like a, b, c, etc but later we understood their importance and give proper, and meaningful names.

What I suggest for clean code is proper & meaningful naming conventions, comments if necessary, breaking down large functions into small pieces, reusing your code, and avoiding repetition.

7: Read Blogs And Codes

Learning from books, videos, documentation, etc is good but knowing how other developers are doing things is far better than before. For example, if you want to develop an authentication system there are a lot of GitHub repositories demonstrating the process. Read it and try to understand, you will really find useful content there. As per my experience, every single time when I'm trying to design & develop an authentication system, I found a new, much better, and more secure way of doing it. So must read other blogs and codes.

8: Contribute To Open Sourse

Sometimes we miss understood this term. What we think of it is changing & modifying codes on open source platforms like GitHub, and Fiddles but it is not limited to it. Solving problems of others on social media, stack overflow, etc are also part of it. So try to answer someone's problem you also get to know how they are developing their project, and sometimes it is new to you.

9: Decide A Roadmap

Things got really confusing when it come to choosing the language and/or framework to learn. When you google it, you came to know that it really does not matter. What is really important is how you want to do it, the project, and your knowledge. Each and every language & framework serve the same purpose with its own pros and cons.

For example, if you want to become Full Stack web developer then there are a lot of options like PHP Laravel Stack, MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js), etc. If you know React.js then why change the tech stack, stick with React.js and learn the Mern stack.

Another example is, if you want to become a mobile app developer then there are a lot of options like native Android, React Native, Flutter, etc. If you know React.js then why change the tech stack, stick with React.js and learn React Native.

One important this is that this doesn't mean you can not change your roadmap, of course, you can. Once you have mastered the current language and want to try something new go for it and learn new things as well.


In the end, I want to say that to you try to follow what is best suited for you. Above mention points are good but this doesn't mean you have to follow them. If you are comfortable doing something else that's great. Learning is the main thing. You will be an expert soon if you are consistent and enjoying.

Thank you for your time. Keep learning and improving yourself.

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