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Boost Your Laravel Website Performance With Static Cache

Laravel Lynxsia IT Solutions 06-01-2023

Website performance is referred to as how quickly the web page is loaded, rendered, and visible to user. This is one of the main factor for creating successful websites. There is a lot of ways you can increase your website performance. In this blog, we are discussing static cache control method to better performance of the laravel webbsite.

Develop Web Accessible Websites - Accessibility Guide And Usage

Web Lynxsia IT Solutions 26-12-2022

When designing and developing websites or web apps, every developer has in mind that everyone can access the website with ease. Did we really take care of every single human in our mind while creating? As per the record 20% of the world's population has some kind of disability. This means that while creating websites we need to take care of those with disability so that they can easily access our website and perform necessary actions. For example, those who have a visual disability can easily navigate to our website, differentiate between text and links, etc. In this blog, we'll discuss the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG).

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