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CSS Introduction

CSS Introduction

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style the HTML document. CSS describes how and HTML page look and displayed on the browser.

Why CSS?

CSS is used to style the HTML page, such as design, layout, different look for different devices and screen, cross browser styling.

Let's see with some example
            background-color: pink;
            color: red;
            color: green;
            font-family: "Arial";
CSS Role

When HTML is introduced, its main purpose is to define the content of the page and never contains tag for styling.

Later <font> element was introduced in HTML 3.0 for styling. But using a tag for styling makes the HTML page long and time consuming process.

Hence CSS came into play which is used to style the document and all the formatting was removed from HTML.

CSS Advantage

CSS saves a lot of work by adding single style for multiple pages making modification of the style real easy. Now we need to take care of a single file instead updating code in multiple places.

CSS Example

Below is the example of CSS where a single HTML page is styled by different CSS style.

Page Heading

This is example text. This is example text. This is example text. This is example text.

Page content

This is example text. This is example text. This is example text. This is example text.

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